PEG 400

PEG 400

CAS No.25322-68-3
PurityComplies the test of B.P., U.S.P.
Packing230 Kgs Drums.
ApplicationPharmaceutical aid.
Reach Pre-Registration Number17-2119902870-43-0000

*MSDS will be made available with the shipment

Certificate of Analysis


Physical AppearanceComplies.Clear, viscous, colorless liquid having characteristic odor.
Color05Max 20 Hazen
Sulphated Ash0.048NMT 0.1%.
Heavy MetalsComplies.NMT 5ppm.
pH  of 5% solution6.194.5 to 7.5.
Moisture0.32NMT 0.5%.
SolubilityComplies.Freely soluble in water, chloroform, insoluble in ether.
Viscosity @100°C.7.456.8 to 8.0 CST.