Lemon Yellow Color with High Oleic Content


CAS No.9005-65-6
PurityComplies to the test of B.P., U.S.P., I.P., E.P.
Packing50/210 Kgs Drums.
ApplicationNonionic surface active agent and Vitamin Solublizer.
Reach Pre-Registration Number17-2119902871-41-0000

*MSDS will be made available with the shipment

Certificate of Analysis

Physical appearance.Complies.Yellow to amber colored oily, clear liquid.
Total Ash.0.053NMT 0.1%.
Heavy Metals.Complies.NMT 10 ppm.
pH of 5% solution. 6.396.0 to 8.0.
Moisture. 2.13NMT 3.0%.
SolubilityComplies.Miscible in water, ethanol, insoluble in fixed oil, liquid paraffin.
Saponification value47.2345 to 55.
Hydroxyl value.66.7365 to 80.
Peroxide value.3.74Not more than 10
Acid value.1.02NMT 2.0.
Composition of fatty acid

Myristic acid: 2.21

Palmitic acid:  11.9

Palmitoleic acid: 1.6

Stearic acid:2.5

Oleic acid: 64.4

Linoleic acid:14.5

Linolenic acid: 3.8

Myristic acid: NMT 5.0%.

Palmitic acid: NMT 16.0%.

Palmitoleic acid: NMT 8.0%.

Stearic acid: NMT 6.0%.

Oleic acid: NLT 58.0%.

Linoleic acid: NMT 18.0%.

Linolenic acid: NMT 4.0%.

Ethylene oxide and Dioxane.Nil.

NMT 1 ppm of ethylene oxide.

NMT 10 ppm dioxane.