CAS No. 9005-67-8
Purity Complies to the test of B.P., U.S.P., I.P., E.P.
Packing 50/210 Kgs Drums.
Application Nonionic surface active agent.
Reach Pre-Registration Number 17-2119902872-39-0000

*MSDS will be made available with the shipment

Certificate of Analysis

Parameters Results Specified
Physical appearance. Complies. Yellowish brown liquid to semisolid.
Sulphated Ash. 0.048 NMT 0.2%.
Iodine value. 3.94 NMT 5.0.
Heavy Metals. Complies. NMT 10 ppm.
pH 5% solution in DW. 6.38 5.0 to 8.0.
Moisture. 1.55 NMT3.0%.
Solubility Complies. Miscible in water, ethanol, insoluble in fixed oil, liquid paraffin.
Saponification value 53.63 45 to 55.
Hydroxyl value. 87.13 81 to 96.
Reducing impurities. Complies. As per IP
Acid value. 1.0 NMT 2.0.