Ointments:  The special advantage over vaseline, animal and vegetable oils as common ointment bases is due to the solubility in water, the non-emulsifying and non-electrolytic properties of glycols which can be applied both to dry and wet skins, a wide range within which different glycols can be blended enables any desired consistency to be formulated. Moreover, glycol based ointment can be washed away from the skin and textiles with water. Due to easy penetration into the skin, dissolved or finely dispersed drugs are more quickly and intensively effective than in ointments based vaseline or fats, which are hydrophobic and less effective.

Pills and Tablets: PEG 4000 and 6000 are suitable for the manufacture of pills and tablets for certain pharmaceutical preparations. They act both as binders and dry lubricants due to their laminar structure and can replace sugar as a base coat due to their sweetish taste and low toxicity.